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Reduced overhead costs and staffing solutions for every need

Our highly-trained recruiters know how to find the best skilled workers, and our rigorous screening process can be adapted to include requirements specific to your job. Unlike many employment agencies, Core Crew also provides administrative services, training, and safety certification if required.

Contract Staffing

“Need to manage your workload for seasonal or single projects?

Do you need additional workers only at certain busy times of the year? Or short-term help for the duration of a single project? Manage your workload with the help of contract workers carefully selected to meet your requirements, and avoid hiring and firing expenses.

Temporary Staffing

Need flexible placements for short-term staffing?

Meet short-term staffing needs with flexible placements. You’ll be assured of having the right talent for the job while Core Crew handles the administrative details.

Temp to Hire

Want to minimize hiring risk and maximize your return?

Take advantage of the opportunity to try out workers in specific positions before hiring them permanently. By leasing talent in this way, you minimize risk and maximize return on your investment in skilled employees.

Direct Hire

Looking for the best-in-class for permanent placement?

Count on our recruiters to find and screen the best people for permanent jobs in your organization. We interview, test and vet each candidate, performing background checks, 10-panel drug testing, skills assessments and safety orientation, plus any additional requirements you desire.


Want the freedom to focus on your company while we handle all of your payroll issues?

You manage the employees you’ve selected and let Core Crew manage payroll. We’ll take care of taxes, unemployment, worker’s compensation, and other payroll issues so you can focus on building the skilled workforce that works for your business.