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Why Work for Us

Here at Core Crew, we like to take a more personal approach to staffing. Our recruiters take the time to get to know you personally and test your skills to ensure that you are placed where you will be most successful. However, we are aware that many people do not test well so we always consider your background experience and references, as well as, give you opportunity to prove your skills with field assessments on a job site.

Once hired, Core Crew offers many different benefit options including: 401(k) retirement savings, health insurance with vision and dental, vacation time and overtime. Other benefits may be available on specific job sites. Depending on the specific requests of the employer and the length of a job, there may be per diem and/or travel pay included. Bonuses are available for newly hired welders based on pre-determined testing.

Safety is always first at Core Crew. Whether it is out on the job site or here in the office, we feel that a successful job begins with having quality workers who respect all the safety rules and regulations. This being said, we provide safety orientation and job site specific training to ensure you are prepared for your job. A 10-panel drug test and background check is required prior to your start date so you are better protected from the beginning.

Becoming a Core Crew employee has many benefits and we want you to succeed. So call us or fill out an application today!