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Welcome to Core Crew, where we empower industrial craftworkers and managers to find ongoing, rewarding construction work and career advancement without the hassle. Our brand is synonymous with thoughtful, performance-driven brokerage, connecting qualified craftworkers with top companies for specific projects or long-term employment. At Core Crew, you’re not just finding a job; you’re stepping into a world of empowerment, designed to enhance your professional journey and overall quality of life. Join us and experience a career path where your skills are valued and your professional growth is our priority.

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Benefits & Amenities (after 90 days)

  • Health Insurance
  • Vision Insurance
  • Dental Insurance
  • 401K
  • Health Savings Account
  • Paid vacation
  • Ongoing Skills Training
  • Career Path Development

FAQ for Craft Workers

Explore our FAQs to find empowering insights and clear guidance on how Core Crew is committed to supporting your career journey, ensuring safety, and delivering exceptional service in every project.

Being owned by leading industrial contractor allows the Core Crew team to have insights wants and needs of a craftworker, and it specifically gives us an avenue to place employees directly with our parent company that has long-term employment opportunities.

Our employee benefits, available after 90 days, include comprehensive Health, Vision, and Dental insurance, a 401 K plan, Health Savings Account (HSA) options, paid vacation time, and ongoing skills training. These benefits are designed to support both your personal well-being and professional growth, aligning with Core Crew’s commitment to nurturing our team’s overall success.

Yes, with Core Crew, your career journey extends beyond just one project. Our commitment is to provide you with long-term stability and continuous job opportunities, ensuring a steady and rewarding professional path.

To get certified for more roles and responsibilities, engage in our comprehensive employee training programs. These are designed to enhance your skills and qualifications, opening doors to new opportunities within Core Crew.

Currently, 20% of our job opportunities are local to our Cincinnati, OH office, serving the OH, KY, and IN areas. The remaining 80% span across the country. However, expanding our local market work for those preferring to stay near Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana is a key goal for us in the upcoming (2024) year.

Core Crew prioritizes employee safety, providing all necessary Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) during orientation. This includes a harness, hardhat, safety glasses, retractables, and any additional job-specific PPE, ensuring our team is well-equipped for a safe work environment


Career path development is a cornerstone of our commitment to our team. A prime example of this is the growth opportunities available through our parent company, United Group Services. As United expands, they consistently turn to Core Crew to source skilled craftsmen. For our team members, this means unparalleled chances to not only join but also to advance within a reputable organization. This pathway provides a clear and promising route for ambitious individuals to climb the ranks, fostering professional development and career progression in meaningful and substantial ways.

A Culture of Promoting and Growing Its Employees

We pride ourselves on fostering a culture that is deeply rooted in promoting and growing our employees. Our ethos revolves around not just hiring talent, but nurturing it, offering a dynamic environment where every team member is encouraged to reach their full potential. This culture is built on recognition, support, and continuous learning opportunities, ensuring that each individual's career trajectory is not just a path, but a journey of personal and professional growth. By investing in our employees' development, we cultivate a motivated, skilled workforce that is the backbone of our success and innovation in the industry.

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