About Us

Core Crew stands out in the skilled trades industry not just as a labor broker, but as a catalyst for growth and opportunity. Our mission began with a vision to seamlessly connect skilled craft professionals with leading companies. As a dedicated labor broker, we specialize in both project-specific and permanent placements, adeptly responding to the dynamic needs of the workforce and industry demands.

Our strategy is rooted in an in-depth understanding of the skilled trades sector, driven by a commitment to empower both individuals and businesses. Core Crew is more than a connector; we are a partner in career progression and team building, providing a comprehensive blend of opportunities, training, and support.

An integral aspect of Core Crew’s approach is our ownership by a leading industrial contractor, providing us with unparalleled insights into the wants and needs of craftworkers. This unique position grants us the ability to not only understand but also proactively respond to the evolving demands of the skilled trades workforce. It opens up direct avenues for placing employees with our parent company, offering them access to long-term employment opportunities. This connection ensures that our professionals are not just getting jobs, but stepping into career paths rich with potential for growth and stability in their chosen fields.

Be sure to watch the video from Dan Freese, our CEO. Dan shares the foundational principles, goals, and impact of Core Crew, emphasizing our role in shaping the skilled trades industry and the transformative effect we strive to have on our clients and craft professionals.