Welding Engineer

Job Summary

Responsible for all welding processes, procedures and output quality adhere to B.31.3 pressure vessel and applicable welding codes. Oversight includes welder training and qualifications, inspection of weld quality and adherence to welding codes, welding log and qualification documentation administration. Works collaboratively with production to advance welding capabilities and to improve welding efficiencies and maintain quality integrity.


Essential Duties and ResponsibilitiesVerify that the welding procedures are as specified to code and are qualified for the application and that the welding performed is in adherence to the applicable procedure


  • Verify that the base materials and consumable welding materials conform to the specifications and the welding filler metals used are as specified for each base material or combination of base materials
  • Verify that the welding equipment to be used for the work is appropriate for the use with the welding procedure and has the capability to meet the applicable requirements of the welding procedure
  • Interpret drawings and other related documents
  • Witness performance and testing of procedural qualification or supervise / qualify these activities when performed by outside agencies
  • Verify and interpret documentation of welding procedural qualification test results
  • Verify that welders have been qualified in conformance to the applicable standards and that they are qualified to use the welding procedures specified for the work
  • Witness testing of the welder test assemblies and/or welding operator qualification test assemblies or supervise these activities when performed by outside agencies
  • Verify documentation of performance qualification test results. Maintain records of each welder’s qualification work and results.
  • Verify welders are working in a safe manner and welding areas meet housekeeping standards
  • Create training and determine qualifications for apprenticeships
  • Responsible for continuous improvement in welding techniques, processes and equipment
  • Perform other duties as assigned


Education and/or Experience

Bachelor’s Degree required and preferably in Welding Engineering. Minimum of 5 (five) years’ experience or combination of experience and education in an occupational function that has a direct relationship to welded assemblies fabricated to national and international standards and be directly involved in one or more of the following: design, production, construction, examination or repair.

Certificates, Licenses and Registrations

AWS Certified Welding Inspector certificate or ability to obtain one in 12 months or less.


Other Qualifications

  • Shall be familiar with SMAW, SAW, GTAW, FCAW, GMAW welding processes
  • Shall be familiar with VT, UT, RT, MT and PT testing procedures