Construction Engineer

A construction engineer is a person who plans, develops and manages any project that is construction based. He also has the duty of facilitating the construction designs. He further ensures that these designs are implemented with utmost safety and that the whole process flows efficiently. They ensure that the materials in use are safe and that the methods being used are the appropriate ones. Some of the projects that a civil engineer will be involved in include the construction of buildings, dams, utility lines, airports and highways.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Managing and planning the construction project
  • Designing the project structures and hydraulic systems
  • Surveying the construction site and giving a report on how they wish to carry out the project and its consequences
  • Liaising with local authorities, environmental agencies and federal entities on the implications of the construction
  • Ensuring the cleanliness and sanitary of the site
  • Arm their juniors with relevant information on construction
  • Advising the workers on the construction process and addressing their concerns
  • Solving construction problems as soundly as possible
  • Informing their employer and the general public on the construction progress
  • Conducting surveys on the sites where the construction is to take place
  • Acting as the quality control and assurance to ensure that the project objectives are met
  • They ensure that all the construction safety rules and regulations are being observed.
  • Budget for the project within an estimated cost
  • Obtaining the construction materials and verifying them
  • Controlling the cost of the materials and labor
  • Selecting the ideal equipment’s to be used
  • Scheduling the construction work of the day
  • Laying down the preferred construction methods
  • Ensuring that the project starts on time and ends within the estimated duration


Skills and Specifications

  • Must be a critical thinker
  • Must be a good listener
  • Have excellent problem solving skills
  • Must be a good monitor and decision maker
  • Must have comprehension for written or verbal graphic instructions
  • Must possess good communication skills

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