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The Skilled Worker Information Station

One of Core Crew’s goals is to make sure that every potential worker has all the information available to make the right career choices. This section of our website is dedicated to providing you facts about each open position that we may have available. We want you to know what each job entails, what certifications are required and how you can become a skilled worker in that particular job.

For example, if Jimmy has never worked in construction before, he could click on the construction link, and there he would discover that training is required in this field but he also sees that we offer an Entry Level Construction Laborers program every few months. He then has an option to fill out an application for the Entry Level Construction Laborers program.

Another example would be Bob, who is an experienced pipe fitter but Bob is interested in transitioning into pipe welding. After clicking on the pipe welding link, he would learn what how the two positions differ. Bob could then contact Core Crew to help him make a plan to transition into his new career.

To make navigation easier, we have broken all our skilled trades down into six categories: construction, machinists, mechanics, technicians, operators and management. Each category has subcategories that relate to that particular skilled trade.