Weld Wednesday!

//Weld Wednesday!

Weld Wednesday!

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Welding is one of the few career choices that is in high demand at all times. Since welders are needed in almost every industry, it gives them the flexibility to switch industries without changing careers and the ability to experience new places. Here are a few interesting facts about welding if you are already in the field or are interested in getting into welding.

  • More than 50% of U.S. products require welding. For example planes, cars, bridges, ships, medical devices, oil rigs, computers and many more!


  • A highly skilled welder can earn the salary of a doctor or a lawyer! Welding is one of the very   few skills that can earn you a six figure income without a college degree.


  • Welders have the ability to travel around the world working on numerous different projects, such as on-board ship maintenance, pipe line installation, military support, buildings and even underwater welding. 


  • The welding process can be in outdoor as well as indoor environments. The first time welding was used in space was in 1969. It was done to check whether welding was capable to be done in a depressurized environment or not. Underwater welding is very unique and highly dangerous. An average of twenty out of three hundred under water welders will sacrifice their lives doing their job.


  • Welding temperatures can reach as high as 5000 °C, during which the un-oxidized metal fills the space and bonds the metals.

It doesn’t matter how the economy is doing, the welding industry is usually thriving. The future for welding is bright and in demand so get welding!