Core Crew Recruiters take a shot at welding

//Core Crew Recruiters take a shot at welding

Core Crew Recruiters take a shot at welding

2018-03-28T05:49:45+00:00 March 9th, 2016|Weld Wednesday|

In honor of #WELDWEDNESDAY the recruiters at Core Crew decided to take a shot at welding. Our recruiters have expanded their knowledge of the skill of welding but never got to really see how it was done. They recently went into our shop to test their welding abilities out and see what it’s really like. The recruiters got up close and personal with some of our welders.  They watched how they get ready to weld, certain things that needed to be done prior to welding and witness them actually welding. After seeing the welding process our recruiters jumped in and tried it themselves. It’s a lot more intricate than they thought but it was really awesome to be a part of it. Below are some photos that were taken while the recruiters were showing off their welding skills.



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