Wanting to get your foot in the construction industry?

//Wanting to get your foot in the construction industry?

Wanting to get your foot in the construction industry?

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If you want to have a career in construction, a good way to see if it’s something you really want to do is to start out in an entry level positon. Examples of entry level positions in the construction industry are helpers or construction laborers. The benefit of starting out in an entry level position like this is that no formal education is required and you learn direct on-the-job training. You would be entered into a program where you would be able to go on the job site and be taught from a classroom while also getting hands on experience learning a trade. A few things an entry level employeewould learn when starting out include:


  • Basic construction skills
  • Take-apart or build and scaffold temporary structures and bracing
  • Assistcraft workers and all of their duties
  • Health and safety procedures
  • Backfill holes and compact earth to prepare for construction or dig trenches
  • Read blueprints
  • Tend equipment or operate machines
  • Use the equipment and tools properly
  • Prepare and clean construction sites
  • Unload and load building materials
  • Learn about certifications that are required on certain sites


Entry Level positions are an excellent opportunity for someone who wants to be in construction but doesn’t really understand where to start. With on-the-job training, a person can experience various trades and decide what trade they want to learn more about. Pursuing a career in the construction industry can lead to endless possibilities to grow and learn. Also, due to the fact the skilled trades are always needed, jobs are always available. If you are hesitant about joining the construction industry, there is no reason not to give it a shot and see what opportunities you have ahead of you!