Safety in the Spring

//Safety in the Spring

Safety in the Spring

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Spring is now upon us! With the warmer weather approaching, sometimes workers do not think about some of the hazards that can occur. Let’s be reminded of safety precautions that have been forgotten over the winter months.

Although spring showers don’t seem terrible, they can be a hazard. Always be cautious about slippery surfaces. Even a light sprinkle can cause a surface to be more slippery and can cause a worker to fall. Another way to prevent slipping on a job site is to make sure all mud is removed from boots if you are in that type of environment. Mud can also make slopes and other surroundings hard to maneuver heavy machinery. When operating machinery, make sure other workers are not near your machine. While operating during rainfall, or even after, you could easily slip down a slope. Heavy machinery slipping down slopes can be very dangerous. Therefore, always be cautious of your surroundings if you are operating at the time. Lastly, be aware of lightning storms. Tall equipment can act as a lightning rod. Being alert and aware of rainfall can prevent minor and serious accidents.

Wearing the proper attire to the work place is a must! If the day predicts rain, then a raincoat or other water proof items will be put to good use. Waterproof clothing can keep the workers warm, dry and comfortable during the work day. If you don’t prepare for the wet weather it could cause you to be uncomfortable and wet, causing sickness later.  If uncomfortable on the job site, you may not be able to perform the work properly. If the sun is shining, use SPF of 15 or higher, along with wearing long sleeves to prevent sunburn and glasses if needed. As always wear proper no slip grip gloves when working with hand tools and for the feet over the ankle boots.

Any incidents can be prevented by following proper safety procedures for the season. Get out there, enjoy nice weather and always remember safety first!