Construction sites making stretching a priority

//Construction sites making stretching a priority

Construction sites making stretching a priority

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In all aspects of doing anything active, you should stretch prior. Safety is always first but in an industry where strains and sprains are the most frequent injuries, followed by falls and much more, stretching has become a priority. These days a lot of companies have adapted to doing the “Stretch and Flex” program. Stretch and Flex is an onsite program that should be done in the morning briefing. Construction sites really urge all the employees to participate. Employees should stretch to their best abilities, not over excreting themselves or causing more damage to current injuries. It should make them feel relaxed and ready to take on the day. The program should not be any longer than 10 minutes.

Here are some examples of stretch’s that should be done on each side only hold for 15-30 seconds:

Neck Stretch

• Tilt head sideways without twisting the neck.

• Using your hand, reach across head and move ear toward


• Do not pull head, use weight of arm alone.

• Extend other arm.

Thigh Stretch (Quadriceps)

• Lift one leg and grasp with your arm.

• Pull up on leg at ankle to stretch thigh.

• Maintain balance by extending your opposite arm sideways.

Calf Stretch

• Get into a lunge position bending the back knee.

• Lift toes on your front leg and grasp them with your hand.

Stretches inner thigh, groin

• Stand with feet pointed straight ahead, a little more than

shoulder-width apart.

• Bend right knee slightly and move left hip downward

toward right knee.

Chest Pull

• Lace fingers together behind your back.

• Roll shoulders back while pulling hands back a few inches

behind your back.

Forearms and Wrist Stretch

• Extend one arm forward keeping the elbow straight.

• Bend the wrist upward, and use the other hand to gently pull

fingers back toward you, stretching the muscles in the

bottom of your forearm and wrist.

• Then release and bend the same wrist downward, gently

pulling it down and toward you.

Shoulder and Back of Upper Arm Stretch

• Stand and place right hand on left shoulder.

• With left hand, pull right elbow across chest toward left

shoulder and hold.

Lower Back

• Stand upright with your feet shoulder width apart

• Twist and lean forward to touch your toe with opposite

• Extend other arm up into the air behind you.

Simple solutions like this have positive impacts on construction safety. The stretches enhance agility, balance, coordination, circulation and flexibility along with reduced tension and stress.