Apprenticeships: On the Job Training

//Apprenticeships: On the Job Training

Apprenticeships: On the Job Training

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Apprenticeships exist in many skilled trade fields. The idea of training for a career under the direction of a master tradesman has been around since the Middle Ages. Today, many apprenticeship programs are available at vocational or technical schools, and even some businesses will provide an apprenticeship that leads to a full time position with their company. Usually, the apprentice works for a period of time for the master or journeyman tradesman. Then upon completion of the program, the apprentice becomes a journeyman where they are capable of working on their own. Once a journeyman enters the field on their own, their pay range can be considerably higher than an apprentice.Here at Core Crew, we hire for a highly rated pipefitter apprenticeship program. The next program starts on March 16, 2015. Once accepted, an apprentice will undergo a two week boot camp course to learn the fundamentals of pipe fitting, OSHA 10, Aerial lifts and threading of pipes. The pay rate is $10.00 per hour for the boot camp. After the two weeks, the apprentice will be sent into the field to work alongside a journeyman pipefitter to learn hands on. The pay rate increases to $12.00 per hour once in the field.

After 60 days in the field, with no attendance problems or safety violations, the apprentice will be eligible for ninety-six hours of continuing education courses. These courses are held every Friday for eight hours at the corporate office. The apprentice will work forty hours Monday through Thursday and will receive eight hours of pay at the training rate of $12.00 per hour. Successful completion of the program may result in a full time position that will most likely require travel.

Eligible candidates must have reliable transportation, be punctual, have some construction knowledge, have a high school diploma or GED, and be able to pass a background and drug test. Apprentice candidates must be willing to shave facial hair depending upon the requirements of specific job sites.

Apprenticeships provide a great training opportunity to learn an in-demand skill while being paid. Pipefitters are needed across the US and their demand will only increase in the next ten years. Apply for the apprenticeship now, and be on your way to a new career!